Curb Appeal – Does your home look its best from the outside?

After a long winter, yards can look bedraggled, but if your house is for sale, you can’t let it stay that way. Before the first buyer arrives, you need to create a “Wow” impression from your curb all the way to your front door.

It really is important.

That first view of a home sets the expectation and the tone for the entire viewing. It will make the difference in what they see when they walk inside.

As humans we tend to see what we expect to see. A first impression sets up that expectation, and our minds will subconsciously seek to find evidence that our expectation is correct.

A neglected or run-down exterior tells buyers that the entire house has not been well-maintained, while an inviting exterior tells buyers that what they see inside will be equally inviting.

And generally, that’s what those buyers will see. They’ll subconsciously seek evidence that their expectation is correct, and may even overlook subtle signs that they might be incorrect. That is, if they even get inside to have a look. I’ve been on showings when the buyers refused to get out of the car because they didn’t like the looks of the exterior. They knew that what they saw inside would be a waste of time.

And that’s a shame, because sometimes the interior and exterior don’t match.

While all sellers should definitely make an effort to create a “wow” impression with curb appeal, some simply cannot.

It may be that the homeowners are ill or elderly and have assistance with interior maintenance, but not with exterior maintenance.

It may be that they don’t have the physical or financial capability to keep the lawn neat, shrubs trimmed, fences straight, and trim freshly painted – but they have been able to keep up inside.

So – if you’re a seller, do all in your power to make that first impression set an expectation for good things to come.

And if you’re seeking a home here in (city), try to keep an open mind.

Work to over-ride your mind’s expectations and really look at what you see inside – regardless of what you’ve seen outside.

When you’re ready to buy or sell, call me. If you’re a seller, I’ll help you decide what needs to be done to give your home the greatest appeal to the largest number of buyers. If you’re a buyer, I’ll help you “see through” the insignificant to see the possibilities of the home within.

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