Do You Need a Lender with an Office in Staten Island?

Do You Need a Lender with an Office in Staten Island?
No, you really don’t. Your lender doesn’t need an office here in Staten Island, as long as he or she is licensed to work in New York state.
What’s important is that your lender gives you personal service – and that can easily be done via phone, email, and Fax. Electronic signatures are now recognized as legal, so most of the time you don’t even need paper documents.
A non-local lender can sometimes give you better interest rates, access to more loan programs with terms that suit your personal situation, and lower fees. So before you decide you have to choose a local bank or mortgage company, compare their service to other independent Mortgage companies that serve borrowers in Staten Island, New York.
What does giving “Personal service” mean? It means a lender who:
  • Is prompt in getting you pre-approved (NOT just pre-qualified) and who will put your approval in writing.
  • Answers the phone or returns your calls and emails promptly.
  • Takes the time to answer your questions and explain anything that seems unclear.
  • Takes personal responsibility for helping you – and doesn’t shuffle you off to someone else every time you call.

You DO need a local real estate agent, so when you’re ready to purchase or sell a home here in Staten Island give me a call. I know the territory, and I promise to give you the personal service you need and deserve.


John Martelotti


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