Brady’s Pond! Staten Island’s Best-Kept Secret


brady's pond 1

You’d be surprised how much nature you can find in a place referred to as the concrete jungle.  We’ve explored the five boroughs of New York City, and we can tell you that the best is yet to be discovered. A top secret is waiting to be found at Cameron Club of Staten Island. Local guests have enjoyed this club for more than 80 years! Here, wildlife in its natural habitat includes mallards, geese, turtles, herons, catfish, and more. The view of the surroundings might leave you thinking you’re in the Adirondacks or Vermont. When you remember that you’re in your own backyard of Staten Island, you can relax on the white sand beaches with lifeguard patrol.brady's pond 2

Also at Cameron Club, you’ll find a pristine wetlands treasure: Brady’s Pond. Unlike a closed off pool, the ecosystem of Brady’s Pond is carefully maintained to keep the waters safe and welcoming for swimmers and the surrounding environment. It is also a defense against the rain as it takes in the water that runs off the nearby highway and streets. Acting as a reservoir, Brady’s Pond gradually releases the collected water via the “weir” at the end of Delphine Terrace, ultimately ending up in Raritan Bay. While the land around the water has been rapidly developed, Brady’s Pond has managed to remain a piece of country amongst the ever growing city.brady's pond 3

Cameron Club has been the best kept secret of Staten Island for a reason: it isn’t easy to find.  Hidden from street view, the gated entrance can be found at the end of Lakeside Place. Once you find this treasure, you’ll never forget where you’ve left it. The best part of Cameron Club and Brady’s Pond is that you don’t have to bustle through traffic and travel over bridges to find it. Vacation at home this season!

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