Motivating Your Kids to Prep Your Home for Resale

Motivating Your Kids to Prep Your Home for Resale

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Life is hectic with kids underfoot, but if you want to sell your home, you’re going to need to learn to juggle a few more responsibilities. How can you get your home ready for resale without upending your children?

Getting the Best Price for Your Home

One of the ways you can determine how to price your home is by checking out comparable home listings in the area. Comparable means having the same square footage, number of bedrooms, etc. — bonus if they have kids too!

By determining how competitive your market is, you’ll get a good idea of what buyers are expecting and what they are will to pay for your home.  This will also help you check out what your competition is up to. For example, homes in Staten Island, New York, typically sell for $559,000.

Preparing Your Home for Resale

The first thing you need to is to get your kids on board to help with depersonalizing and decluttering your home. Here are some great tips on how to engage your kids.

  • Motivate Them to Work
    Give your kids some grown-up responsibility. Mobile Greenville recommends using this opportunity to teach them the value of hard work. Positive reinforcement techniques can motivate them or let them earn cash by taking responsibility to keep things neat all week long.
  • Keeping Rooms Clean
    Bedrooms need to be clean for when your realtor sends over a prospective buyer. You can offer your older child additional allowance to clean it quickly. However, according to Lauren Sheehan, a realtor in Portland, Oregon, the real challenge will be your younger children. She recommends using a reward chart system. “Give your kids a sticker each time they pick up toys or help clean their room. Once they’ve filled their chart, let them choose a special toy or treat as a reward so the process becomes less stressful and more fun.”
  • “Field Trips” for Showings
    Sheehan also suggests you set up fun activities for showings and open house events so they don’t get stressed out over these activities. A fun outing like a movie can help deflect home showing anxiety for both of you.
  • Run Drills
    This tip comes from Dave Ramsey, who recommends you not only run cleaning drills but make them fun. Create a competition to see which child – or team – gets it done the fastest!

Check out these 15 secrets from on how to clean with kids.

When Kids’ Activities Interfere with Home Selling Activities

If your child has activities when you need to meet with your realtor or show your home, what should you do? This depends on the activity and what you are needed for. If you regularly attend your child’s sporting events, for example, it is not a big deal to miss a few. Sports psychologist Richard D. Ginsburg says, “Ideally, we want to avoid the situation where the event of the game becomes more important than just watching our kids play” so missing them when you need to is not a problem.

However, if this is a rare event (a championship game, an annual recital, etc.), you really do need to attend. Ask to move appointments around these critical activities.

Important Tools for Showing Days

There are a few important tips to keep in mind on days that you will be showing:

  • Forbes recommends that you pay attention to smells. You need to air out your home before prospective buyers come by.
  • Use storage containers to quickly pick up items that are commonly strewn around the house, such as baby gear or backpacks.
  • Curb appeal is very important to attract buyers inside. Be sure your kids put away bikes, skates, and other outdoor gear as well.

Showing and selling a home with kids is a little more challenging, but engaging them in the process will help. That will allow you to sell your home for the price you want.

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