These Are the Steps to Rental Property Success

These Are the Steps to Rental Property Success

Owning rental property can be a great way to earn a passive income. Moreover, it’s also a great asset to have in your financial portfolio. But even with the right vacation or residential rental property, there’s still plenty of work to be had in order to guide it toward its full earning potential. So we’ve compiled a list of resources that will surely come in handy for every step of the process to help kick off your venture.

Before Making Your Investment

Understanding the Home Buying Process

The Complete Guide to Financing an Investment Property

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Landlord


Before Looking for Tenants or Guests

7 Remodeling Improvements to Increase Rental Value

How to Furnish Your Vacation Rental For the Best Guest Experience

5 Security Measures Every Landlord Should Have in Place


Before Managing Your Rental Becomes Too Much

How to Find the Right Property Manager

34 of the Best Landlord Apps for 2021


Bonus: Legal Matters for Landlords

Write a Landlord’s Lease Agreement

How to Pay Taxes on Your Rental Property

Form a New York LLC for Tax Benefits and Limited Liability


Indeed, with so many things to think about in the creation and management of a truly successful rental, it’s only natural to be daunted. So take it one step at a time and tick off boxes on your checklist as you go along.

We promise that you’ll get there! Get the ball rolling by working with a realtor to find the right property. Contact John Martelotti today — (917) 202-8309.


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