A Step-by-Step Guide to Moving for Work

A Step-by-Step Guide to Moving for Work

It may seem that everyone works from home these days, but most people are not location-independent. According to one survey, 26% of respondents who moved in 2021 did so for career-related reasons. If you’re planning to relocate for a new job, you’re not alone.

Expert Realtor John Martelotti understands that moving tends to be stressful. Here, he shares some tips on how to successfully move your entire family while saving money and time and with as little stress as possible.

Choosing an Ideal Location

Start looking for housing based on the expected commute time, amenities you need, such as a gym, and school ratings. When researching school districts, look beyond the overall rating to growth metrics and educator feedback.

When securing a place to live, it’s a good idea to work with a licensed agent who knows the area. Your Realtor will know about average prices and where the best neighborhoods are. In Staten Island, for example, homes in desirable neighborhoods are selling for around $600,000 and up and renting for approximately $2,000 and up. Working with a reputable agent can help you avoid paying too much for your new home.

Once you’ve chosen a location, work backwards from your moving date, so you don’t miss any important deadlines or duties and don’t forget anything. Although you may save money by doing everything yourself, weigh that cost against the time and effort involved. Consider hiring professionals to help with the parts of the move you dread most, whether that’s organizing, house cleaning, or packing and transporting your possessions.

Decluttering and Packing

Before filling a single box, take a few days to declutter each room. There’s no point packing and moving a bunch of stuff you don’t need and never use. In the kitchen, focus on tools you use regularly and specialty tools you wouldn’t want to live without.

When dealing with clothing, first declutter things no one wears and then pack out-of-season things. Clean them properly before packing them away, and they’ll be ready the next time you need them at your new home. Use wardrobe boxes to keep the rest of your clothing clean and relatively wrinkle-free.

Moving With Children and Pets

Before decluttering kids’ rooms, prepare the kids for the move. It can be upsetting as an adult to have your things packed away and your life in upheaval, so imagine how hard it must be for children. Once they understand where and why you are moving, involve them in the work so they can maintain a sense of control.

Decide how to transport pets and determine what health checks your destination city requires. Will they ride in the car with you? If so, be sure to find pet-friendly hotels along the way. If you plan to fly with your furry friends, ask the airline what shots are required and how to prepare them for the trip.

Moving a Business

If you’re moving your business to New York instead of moving to work for a new employer, don’t forget to register your LLC with the state. You can file the paperwork yourself or use a formation service to avoid lawyer fees. Before you do anything, though, check the laws in your target state because they will likely be different from the state you’re leaving.

With good planning and preparation, you can have a low-stress move and be ready for your first workday in your new city. Remember to only pay for the help you need and get expert advice from people who know your new town well, and you can even save some money on your cross-country move.

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