Dottie Herman’s 3 Key Aspects of Buying a Home!

Dottie Herman’s 3 Key Aspects of Buying a Home!
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Is the real estate market frustrating you? Do feel that you may be ready to purchase a home — but you’re not sure you can do it by yourself? Are ready to buy the home of your dreams within the budget you have set? If you are ready to start the home search process, then you do not have go at it by yourself. Real estate expert Dottie Herman of Prudential Douglas Ellimanwants to help you make the right decisions for you and your budget. Follow her three key tips for searching for and buying a home, and you’ll have the house you want in a short time!
Be an ‘Educated Buyer’
Herman wants all of her clients to do their own homework. Certainly, a broker is going to give you information on a home and the neighborhood where you want to live. But you also need to gather information. This way you will know the details of the homes and neighborhoods. You will know listing prices and recent sale prices. In the end, you will be more comfortable with your bid because someone didn’t just feed you information; instead, you knew the information and were comfortable with your decision.
Be Honest About Value
Herman advises that price is negotiable in all cases. Every buyer is going to come up with a different price for a house based about the buyer’s value system. So be honest about what you value. Hardwood floors? Multiple stories? A basement? A modern kitchen? Whatever features are important to you will affect the price you are willing to pay for the home. Perhaps make a list of those values and as you see the homes up close, re-assess whether you have the same values. By seeing the home, you will be able to see the quality of those features and this can give you a little negotiating room during the bidding period.
Call Up an Agent
That’s right. Don’t try to navigate the complex real estate process solo. You need some guidance, and a real estate broker can give you an ethical, professional opinion. Your broker takes you on home and neighborhood tours, supplements your information, and helps you close the deal on the home that fits within your budget while at the same time satisfies all or most of your home feature needs. You’ll need good communication and trust with your broker, so meet several in person, and then hire one as soon as possible.
 As Herman says, if you want to start the home search and home-buying process, you have to follow a few steps. First, always be an educated buyer. Do your homework! Second, be honest about the value you place on certain features in a home and in a neighborhood. And finally, hire an agent as soon as you can to guide you through this complex process. By following these three key tips, you will be moving into your dream home more quickly than you ever realized or expected! Get to work on these tips today!

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