Staging Can Make even a Beautiful Home More Apealing!

Just because people tell you your home is beautiful doesn’t mean you should opt out of staging before going on the market.
Part of your home’s charm may be in that it reflects your individual tastes and your family’s lifestyle.
But what are the chances that potential buyers will share those tastes and that lifestyle?
One of the functions of staging is to present the possibilities. It’s to show people of varied tastes that this house could be just right for them. That means it shouldn’t reflect your individuality as much as it reflects the home’s versatility.
An experienced stager will help you de-personalize your home, making it appealing to the greatest number of possible buyers.
Because she is in touch with today’s trends, she’ll advise you if you need to re-paint a room, change out a light-fixture, replace heavy drapes with something lighter, or add touches of a specific color. She’ll also put emphasis on those features of your home that are most in demand at the moment.
Since a stager will likely recommend a bit of de-cluttering, she’ll also be helping you get ready for your move. When all those family photos, trophies, awards, seasonal clothing and toys, and personal collections are already packed, your job will be simpler on moving day.
Staging can not only make your home sell faster, it can cause it to sell for more money, so do give this pre-listing step strong consideration.
I’m acquainted with several of Staten Island’s finest staging pros and will be glad to make some recommendations. Most will give you an initial consultation for a nominal fee, giving you a chance to get acquainted and make sure that your personalities mesh.
Just give me a call at 917-202-8309 or email me and I’ll be glad to tell you about other listing clients who took my advice and got even better results than they expected.

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