Why is a Local Real Estate Agent a Necessity?

Why is a Local Real Estate Agent a Necessity?
 You may know that any agent who is licensed in New York can legally help you purchase or sell a home anywhere in the state. But just because it’s legal doesn’t make it a good idea.
In large metropolitan areas, it isn’t even a good idea to use an agent from the North end if you’re contemplating a transaction in the South end. It’s true that he or she might have access to the listings via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but the printed information in the MLS is not everything your agent needs to know. Neither is the information that listing agents post on their own websites.
Much of the information and expertise that an agent offers you is located not on-line or in print, but in their own memory banks. It comes from focused study of the local market, combined with first-hand experience.
Only an agent who is familiar with the homes in your immediate area and who knows the difference between neighborhoods can give you an accurate estimate of a home’s value. Homes that are similar in size and condition, but are located a quarter-mile apart, can have vastly different values.
Only an agent who has been watching the trends can tell you if values are rising or declining.
Only an agent who has seen similar homes in similar neighborhoods can say if your home or the home you are considering is actually comparable to others that are on the market or already sold.
Only a local agent will have his or her finger on the pulse of local politics and events – and can tell you about outside influences that could affect the value of homes in a given neighborhood.
If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home here on Staten Island, call me. I do know the local market. And if you’re planning to sell here and move to another part of New York, or even New Jersey I’ll be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague who has the expertise to help you there.
I look forward to talking with you,
John Martelotti

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